Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter in Florida

I've lived in South Florida for just over a year and by now I've acclimated.  Which is to say that I run from AC to AC during the summer and shiver when it gets to be below 60 degrees outside.

The beginning of 2010 has been very very cold. Low 30's for a few days. I know that's considered a warm front up north but here it's cause for alarm.  Power grids blowing out from over-worked heaters, weather advisory warnings on TV. It's so cold that iguanas have been falling out of trees.  It's true - I've seen it happen.  So cold that I felt like a frozen iguana - sluggish and sleepy, unwilling to move.

And then it finally lifted and the iguanas woke up and crawled back to their tree limb lairs.  Last weekend, Yarn Widower and I went to Delray Beach and had lunch at Sundy House.  Afterwards we strolled through the garden.

It seemed as though everyone and everything was basking in the sun.  Including this little critter that let me get quite close to him as though nothing was going to budge him from his warm perch.  Can't say I blame him.

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  1. hello Mr. Turtle. I also love to lay in the sun on a chilly day.