Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gifts for Geeks

As per my request, Yarn Widower was kind enough to get me a tripod for my digital camera. Previously, I had been making do with a contraption consisting of a step ladder, a gorillapod and a stack of books. Did it work? Passably so. Was it pretty? Definitely not. Actually, it was so cumbersome that my knitting was suffering. Well, not really. But photodocumentation of knitting was surely lacking.

So, here is my new tripod: Induro AKBO
It's sleek and relatively lightweight. Set-up is a breeze with its quick-lock legs and quick-release system. For its price, it's got a surprising number of higher-end features like a locking ball head to tilt the camera.

But my favorite feature has to be the built-in level. Perfect for an anal retentive dweeb like me.

Along with my Nikon remote shutter release, this tripod makes self portraits and close-ups less of an ordeal. Huzzah! As an aside, I wonder how many people get into photography because they want to take pictures of their knits?

So what did the Yarn Widower get from Santa?

How about a 2006 Mazda Miata MX-5? Zoom Zoom.

I know - no lump of coal for the Yarn Widower this year! Actually, we had been looking to get a second car for a while now. So it wasn't really a gift specifically for him. Supposedly, it is for both of us. Which turns out to mean that I get to sit in the passenger seat.


  1. As a car commuter, I've found that driving is over-rated. Get me into that passenger seat, I say.

    Also, if I ever get to Florida it better not be 40 degrees, I say.

  2. Nice tripod. Mine is a cheapy one that never seems tall enough, but it was a hand-me-down from S, so I can't really complain.
    And S has a miata, which he misses dearly, since it is temporarily hanging out at my sister's house in PA. Too expensive to park it here, and no time to go anywhere. :) it's a fun car.