Friday, December 28, 2007

My First Sock EVUH! And the object of my affection

I joined ravelry a few weeks ago. I finally posted my first project today. Here 'tis. I used Cat Bordhi's Simple Sock in Three Sizes pattern and a great fingering weight yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. Merino and seasilk. Yum.

One skein made up a good size Men's medium with enough to spare. My only regret is that the pattern isn't toe-up because then I would have just made the leg part longer.

So the recipient of these socks is the husband for whom this blog is named. Since I started knitting this past summer, he's been alternately amused and resentful. Amused at the knitting and my obsessive yarn-hoarding and resentful that EVERYONE has received some finished object but him. So here is my first finished object (FO) for the object of my affection (O0MA). He was a bit dubious about the stripes - being a conservative fellow, he likes solid black. Maybe brown or blue on casual day but not all in one sock. Regardless, he seemed to like the softness of these suckers and promptly agreed to wear them around the house.

He says maybe he'll wear them in public. Maybe.