Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Husband is a Luthier

Yarn Widower built himself a guitar.  From scratch.  For real.

Guitar Innards

A little over a year ago, Yarn Widower started to play the guitar.  He bought a clunker from some dude on Craigslist and started messing around with it.  He replaced the strings, shaved down the saddle and the nut (they determine how high the strings sit off the frets) and started to think about upgrading to a nicer guitar.  He did a little research and stumbled upon this guy who built his own guitar in his kitchen

Now ever since I started knitting, Yarn Widower has complained that knitting distracts me from my one true love: him.  "Not so,"  I say, "See, I can knit and talk to you at the same time.  But not right now; I'm counting."  What's a Yarn Widower to do with all his spare time while I am busy counting out my stitches?

While he golfs on a weekly basis and enjoys going to the driving range, his creative side yearned to make something.  There's something so viscerally satisfying about making stuff.  I get that and I bet most of you do as well.  Thus, my Yarn Widower started to build his own guitar.

Guitar-Shaped Box

In about a year, he built this lovely thing - inlaid trim and hand-polished wood that glows.  Recently he put on the strings and began to play it.  It sounds like a real guitar!

Now he can practice playing his new guitar while I knit.  Yes, it's pretty awesome to have live acoustic accompaniment while knitting - I'm a lucky girl.

Check out his photo stream...


  1. Amazing!!! It came out beautiful! I can only imagine the time and patience required to do something like that.