Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Every Spring, as I transition from knitting cozy warm sweaters to much lighter fare, I have a period of relative inactivity.  I have a few projects on the needles but nothing that demands my constant attention.  So things tend to stagnate/hibernate for a bit.  That's where I'm at right now.

All I can say is, thank goodness for my knitting buddies.  I can rest assured in the knowledge that they will see me through.  At least once a week I know I will be among them and laugh and be inspired. 

No matter what, I always make sure I have some straight stockinette to take to knitting night.  Every now and then someone shows up without any knitting.  This is always a bit weird to me.  Perhaps they have forgotten it at home or they brought the knitting but not the pattern.  Once at a DC Stitch n' Bitch,  one of the women came straight from work and had forgotten to pack her knitting that morning.  She sat amongst us in a state of mild agitation - she left early.  Itchy fingers. 

For a while there was a man who would routinely show up at knitting without any knitting.  That was really weird.  And somewhat awkward.  Once I gently suggested that he should bring his knitting because after all, we are a knitting group.  He stopped coming soon after.

My point?  Oh right.  My point is that despite my knitting malaise, I always have at least one project to take to knitting night.  I have faith that if I just keep at it, my knitting mojo will return to me once again.  Hopefully soon.  I'm running out of stuff to blog about.


  1. I know! Let's have another competition...I mean Knit-A-Long to get you motivated! ;)

  2. I like the blog re-design! and I think Ella wants to commission a handknit or maybe crocheted bikini!

  3. actually, Ida said to me yesterday, "You have a hole in your jeans. Better send it to Sung Ji, she can fix it!"

  4. That Ida - she's whip-smart, that one.