Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jack Attacks!

Recently, I received some photographs of a finished garment on its intended recipient.  I present to you: Jack.

He's wearing a Wonderful Wallaby (the same design that I used for his cousin's sweater).

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby by Carol Anderson
A pattern booklet available at LYS nationwide

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in colorway Lake
3 skeins (approx 621 yards)

Needle Size: US9

Modifications: seed stitch edging on hem and placket

Fun fact: Jack is named after Jack Bauer, Keifer Sutherland's much beleaguered badass character from 24.


Jack is two (give or take a couple of months).  Knowing that these sweaters run small, I made him a size 8 hoping that he could get some wear out of it.  It's a wee bit big in these photos but I'm sure it'll fit him perfectly for about two weeks sometime in the near future.

I used a cotton/acrylic blend yarn that's machine washable/dryable.  I am told this is key for kidwear.  I am also told that this yarn has been wearing reasonably well which is what every knitter wants to hear.  It was a joy to knit with - soft and squishy and remarkably elastic for a cotton blend.  I would definitely recommend it especially for this garment.

My name is Jack and today is the longest day of my life...

1) Escape from prison-like crib.
2) Torture the dog for more intel.
3) Use intel to turn mommy on daddy.
4) Save America.

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