Monday, December 27, 2010

Gifts from Santa

Some predicted I would receive coal this holiday season...

I like coal.  It's useful (for heating, grilling and artistic endeavors just to list a few).  And when it's not acting utilitarian, it can be quite pretty.

Oh well. Not this year.

I asked for a ukulele.

In addition, I got some comic books


A gift certificate for yarn, and a Namaste circular needle organizer.  Thanks, Santa!

It was Bennan's first Christmas with us.  He got lots of new toys...


Which he promptly mauled and eviscerated.

Happy holidays, everyone!


  1. Yay! Looks like it was a successful Christmas!!

    By the way, I'm available if you need company spending your gift certificate. :P

  2. I'll be able to tag along and enable you on spending your gift certificate!!

  3. To be a widower and yet to also be so generous. I wish I were married to such a man!

  4. what did the Yarn Widower score? Are there some knitted men's undergarments that need to be photodocumented?

  5. Yarn Widower got two tickets to the Honda Classic (golfing event)and some guitar-related t-shirts. However, stay tuned for knitted goodies just for him (although not undergarments - no).

  6. you got a uke?!?!?
    i have one too and have been meaning
    to learn forever and a day...
    are you taking lessons?
    let me know.
    okay, i should be working.