Monday, June 14, 2010

Knitting in Public

Apparently knitting is still considered a subversive art form in that some people find public knitting a notable event.  There's even a day devoted to this.  World-Wide Knit in Public Day.

 This weekend, a gaggle (pride, herd, murder?) of knitters congregated in the Boca Towne Center.  Sticks in air, yarn in hand, we were prepared to bring knitting awareness to the unwashed masses.  We're here and we're...handy with needles and yarn!

Knitters in the Wild

The Sock Guru made an appearance

Jan concentrating

Rebecca, Faith and Faith's mom



 Dina and Carolyn

The Chix with Stix drove down from the Treasure Coast
Notice the matching T-shirts

Mary, Michelle, Pam and Winnie


Pam showing us that knitting doesn't have to be a sedentary sport - free-range knitting!

Did the public take notice? 

Caryn talking to an inquisitive boy and his dad

This dude clearly just wanted to sit next to Kerrilyn - who doesn't?

I was a little late (alright, I got waylaid at Anthropologie) so I missed the encounter with the mall police.  They'd never heard of World-Wide Knit in Public Day and were quite suspicious at first.  We almost got shut down by the fuzz (mall cops on Segways, no less)!  But after a little explanation, all was well.

Happy Knit in Public Week - go ahead, kiss a knitter!

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  1. I clearly thought that dude just wanted to get close and be very sly about the whole thing reading that paper.