Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wrapping Gifts

I like wrapping gifts almost as much as I like unwrapping them.  But I don't like the aftermath - crumpled paper and spent ribbon that just ends up in a landfill somewhere.  Giftwrap is ephemeral but I wish it wasn't so.  Lately, I've taken to wrapping my gifts in fabric.   I save pretty dishtowels to wrap stuff since I'm pretty sure the dishtowel will be used again.  But despite my best efforts with tying them up in twine, they just didn't have the crisp cachet of a paper-wrapped gift.

Then for Christmas, I received this:


As thoughtful as the gift it contains, the wrapping is even more so.  It's a cleverly designed concoction of fabric, ribbon and button from eWrapz.com that makes giftwrap indefinitely reusable.  EWrapz come in a variety of patterns from solid organic cottons to chic prints. 

Each one comes with a sewn-in label that gives simple directions on one side.  On the opposite side, is a "legacy label."


I especially like this feature because it does something that my ersatz dishtowel wraps couldn't do.  It encourages the recipient to pass it on - either back to me or to someone else. 
I've always believed that the way to win hearts and minds is not through harsh demands or edicts.  "Recycle or Die" is not going to save the planet.  But many small actions might - one gift at a time.

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