Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birdie Bag

Birdie Sling
Amy Butler Midwest Modern Sewing Patterns

Home decor weight fabric from Joann's 2009
1 yard of each fabric

Amy Butler is a fabric designer with her own line of sewing patterns.  Her book Midwest Modern is a treasure trove of unabashedly feminine design aesthetics with a funky retro vibe.  I love how she juxtaposes simple sleek shapes with intricate abstract florals.  If you like my visual "eye", you'll love hers as well. 

When I saw the pattern for this bag, I thought that it would make a cool beach bag.  So I chose some inexpensive fabric in lighter colors and got to work.  The pattern was easy to use and the directions were clear.  In less than a day and a half, I had a completed bag that was perfect for the beach.  I like the wide sling so that it doesn't cut into my shoulder when I've got it weighed down with my notebook, my wallet, two crossword puzzles, water bottle and whatever else I can cram into it. 

Me at Juno Beach on a windy day.  There were a lot of kite boarders that day.

I liked the bag so much that I made one for my friend Becca out of leftover fabric from one of her upholstery projects.


Yarn Widower commented that I should have made a contrasting handle like I had for the beach bag.  But of course, this was opined after the project was completed.   (Yarn Widower gets lots of eyerolls sometimes.)  I thought there was enough textural detail in the upholstery fabric and besides, I made a contrasting lining and added a button fastener for the big internal pocket.  See?

I shipped it off to Becca and she seemed to like it just fine.  After all, it's not every girl who has a matching sofa and shoulderbag set.

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