Friday, January 25, 2008

Guilty as Charged

Today I was chastised by my husband. I snuck out to a yarn store and gleefully raided their bargain bin. All skeins were $5! I was going to hide them when I got home but things got busy and I forgot and the husband spied a skein spilling out of my bag and it was all over.

He didn't care about the bargain bin and how I got five skeins of Rowan calmer (for $5!) or how I found a particularly soft alpaca/silk blend (for $5!). He didn't care that I found some great yarn that I just wanted to try out (for $5!). He just clucked disapprovingly after chucking a ball at me (thankfully yarn is soft).

He said, "But you promised!" Which made me think: did I really promise not to buy anymore yarn? Was I drunk? Why would I have made a promise that I am unwilling, perhaps incapable of keeping? I don't recall such a thing. Maybe I did but if I did (and I'm not saying that I did) I clearly did not mean it. I'm sure Bill promised Hillary that he would never cheat on her again and I'm sure both parties knew that promise was doomed from the get-go.

Maybe I could amend my promise: No more yarn buying for the rest of this month! It's Jan 25th and I can go 6 days without buying yarn. Just keep me away from the sale bin.

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