Friday, January 4, 2008

Another sock and some stitchin' and bitchin'

OK, so this is really my first sock ever (to be cast on, that is - my second sock to be finished). It's in a worsted weight so it knits up faster but since I didn't have an intended recipient (i.e., it was going to be for me) it languished while the Christmas knitting took over my life.

Now that I'm finished (with the socks, not the Christmas knitting - alas), I think I'll give them to my friend Kyra - a belated birthday gift. I'm quite happy with the colorway - 10 plies of orange, yellow and grey. It reminds me of a glorious fall day - perfect colors for Kyra.

This is the sock I started to knit at Stitch DC's sock workshop this past December. My first knitting workshop in 10 years. How nice it is to have a real live person show me how to maneuver yarn and Marie (the shopowner) was fab. But even nicer was having some company with whom to knit. So last night I attended my first Stitch n' Bitch conveniently located two blocks from my favorite yoga class in DC. Yoga and then knitting - who could ask for a better way to spend my Thursday nights?

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