Monday, February 14, 2011

My Favorite Valentines Day/ Yarn Widower Story

As some of you may already know, my birthday happens to fall on St. Valentine's Day.  It's a mixed blessing.

And some of you may also know that the Yarn Widower is a gifted cook.  So gifted that you could never have guessed that when we first met, he had never cooked a meal in his life (instant ramen noodles notwithstanding).  So as a surprise to me, he decided to make me a  Valentine's Day/ Birthday dinner - our first together and he wanted it to be special.  After consulting various cookbooks and doing some extensive internet research, he set out to create an ambitious menu:
  • Medallions of Filet Mignon with a Red Wine Reduction
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Polenta Cakes (shaped into hearts)
It was delicious.  A truly spectacular meal especially considering that his kitchen was a remodeled closet and he had to purchase pans specifically for this meal (previously he owned a teakettle and that was about it when it came to cookware).

Halfway through the meal, I noticed that the Yarn Widower was tearing up.  I asked him what was the matter.  He looked up at me, fork midway to his lips, and said, "It's good.  I can't believe I made this myself."

And that, my friends, sums it all up.

Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope today and everyday is filled with love (and yarn).


  1. I hope every birthday/Valentine's Day is as wonderful as this one!

  2. Happy birthday! And damn, this made me cry, too. Partly for its sweetness, but mostly because I wasn't there to eat that meal.