Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After knitting the Yarn Widower's Sweater, I decided that cables are fun.  Why not do more?

Pattern: #23 Wrap Cable Jacket by Shiri Mor
from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009

Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play (50% wool. 50% silk)
3 skeins (approx 810 yards)
colorway SW #19 Blue

Needle size: US 7

Modifications:  Instead of picking up stitches for the edging, I did an applied i-cord.  For a good tutorial, see the toes section of this online pattern.  This worked well as it gave the garment a nice finished look with considerably less hassle (pick up a gazillion stitches, knit ribbing, bind off, sew down bind off, blahblahblah).  Applied i-cord is my new best friend.

When I first saw this pattern in Vogue Knitting, I was intrigued by the construction.  The back panel is knitted vertically and then stitches for the side panel are picked up and subsequently knit up horizontally.  The sleeves are knitted into the side panels so there's no seaming.

Fun to knit.  But a few things to note:

The yarn I used is a beautiful wool/silk blend in a deep rich peacock blue.  It's soft and drapey.  But it also grew considerably when I blocked it.  So the end result is just a wee bit too big for my frame and I keep feeling as though it's going to fall off my shoulders.  I'm tempted to throw it in the dryer but... I'm scared.  What if it shrinks too much?  The thought of it makes my knuckles turn white.

The other thing is button placement.  I have resewn the button in various places and for the life of me I cannot keep it from buttoning up wonky.

 Now I can appreciate the usefulness of a shawl pin.  I just need to go out and get one.  But for now I think I'll just keep it as is.  A little asymmetry never hurt anyone.


  1. It's so prety! I like the little button, actually. But a shawl pin would be good too.

  2. Oh wow, I can't believe it grew so much. It is still gorgeous and very cable-icious!