Friday, July 23, 2010

Green Markets

This past winter, Yarn Widower discovered the beloved Floridian holiday tradition of taunting our snowbound Northern friends.  Whenever he saw that there was yet another snowstorm preparing to dump onto the Northeast, he would call up his brother-in-law and complain obnoxiously that it was so cold here that he was forced to wear a light jacket outside.  "I can't believe it!  It's 65 degrees.  I'm freezing!"

My first spring in Florida, I gaily planted herbs and veggies only to watch them wither in the unforgiving heat of Florida's warmer months.  I learned the hard way that the growing season here is backwards.  Unlike the North, it starts in October when the nights finally start to cool off and lasts until early April when everyone is chased back indoors into air conditioning.  Of course this makes perfect sense.  Why else do the snowbirds migrate here but for the balmy winters? 

It's July now.  It's hot here (as it is in many parts of the country).  Iced tea, beach trips and juicy slabs of cold watermelon.  Yeah, we got all that.  But here's what we don't have right now that I really really miss about Northern summers - Farmer's Markets.  Here, they're all closed for the summer.  It's the off season. I have to make do with fruit from California and pictures of the West Palm Beach Green Market I took back in January.


A happy customer

My favorite veggie stand Stephens Produce


  1. wow.
    so jealous.
    i could really
    go for some
    beach time
    right now.

  2. Bugheart, thanks for making me feel better. Just remember - you can go to the beach anytime you want. Just come visit!