Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool - May 2008

My first knitting-related festival. Awww. It was all that I'd dreamed of and more. First off, there were indeed sheep.

And other fiber-producing critters.

But it wouldn't be the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival without yarn. OMG - Yarn!!!! Here's my haul.

Just kidding. I went with three other yarnies - that above is our collective purchases. Here's mine.

I got some absolutely gorgeous seasilk blend from Tilli Thomas' booth. I'm thinking it will be a clapotis shawl. Mmmmm. Seasilk. Clapotis.

It was a good time. But kind of crowded - so many yarnies!

Good thing the Yarn Widower decided to stay home - maxin' and relaxin'.


  1. I am sorry that I missed you! and wow! you got some nice things! Lovely colors :)

  2. that is hilarious. i love your pile o' yarn. how did you solve your yarn elbow? b/c i'm getting typing pinkie

  3. The yarn elbow still flares up now and then. I figure the same tips go for typing pinkie - now that I think of it, typing really is one of the few things that gives those diminutive digits a workout. Maybe you should blog about that - it could be a new medical diagnosis. Maybe they'll name it after you - Tinaitis.

  4. I loved experiencing my first fiber festival with you, Sung-Ji!

  5. so did you get to pet some sheep? do they bite?

  6. Sheep are soft but somewhat greasy in a nice earthy kind of way. I will never eat mutton again. It's too hard to eat a species one of which just nestled his head into your hand. Note to self: never pet a pig lest you are forced to give up bacon.