Friday, March 14, 2008


Current favorite curse word. Very good at calming the nerves when muttered at various fukakta people and fukakta things. Kinda like a mantra. Fukaktafukaktafukakta.

Ahhh. Now I can knit. Er, rather, write about knitting. Actually, I'm kind of in a knitting slump. Yarn Widower has been requiring more 100% concentration time which means no knitting while conversing with him and I've been trying to cut back on the Lost/knitting ritual too. (Yarn Widower gets annoyed when I ask, "Wait, what just happened? I missed it. Rewind." Fukakta addictive television show that never really answers any of the important questions - Gah!) And I've been driving a lot lately which is great for my audiobook listening but bad for the knitting. (I can highly recommend Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and for all those YA fans out there Buddha Boy is pretty good too).

But I feel a knitting resurgence coming upon me. Now that it's getting to be very Spring and mud-lusciousy outside, I want cotton/linen everything! Last night at SNB, my new friend Bugheart showed me her latest project - the Buttony by Katie Marcus. Pattern available here. I did a little scouting around on Ravelry and found a gal who did it in Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton. And I do believe I've found my next project. I worry a bit because the pattern seems a bit obtuse but am comforted knowing that Bugheart will be available for knitting consultation. And while I've started sweaters in the past, I've never actually finished one. It would be nice to actually finish one. For me, even? That would be nice.

But then Yarn Widower asks, "What about your brother's socks? And my scarf? And I've been waiting ten years for that sweater...."


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  1. hooray
    it will get done.
    phooey on
    old projects
    i've got
    a pair of socks
    for my mom
    my brother
    the joy of
    A.D.D. knitting.