Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New and Improved Super-Duper Tuesday!

I voted today. There was such a large turnout that I waited an hour and a half to cast my ballot. There were shocked expressions of disbelief as people entered the polling place where the line snaked along both sides of the hallway, around the corner and down another hallway. Some in line were quiet, some were grumpy and some nattered on their cellphone until they got shut down (no cellphone use in the voting place! Text messages are okay but only if your device is on vibrate. No noise pollution within 5o feet of the polling place!) The Yarn Widower was there, shifting from foot to foot, muttering impatiently about the inefficiency of the Man. I merely got out my knitting.

Halfway through the line, an older woman eyed my yarn and wistfully announced, "I should have brought my knitting." A younger woman further down the line looked at me and agreed. The Yarn Widower suggested I hand the knitting over and let them do some rows - maybe they were faster knitters. I threatened to poke him with my needle tips.

May the best man/woman win.

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