Friday, August 27, 2010

Destination Vacation

Yarn Widower, Bennan and I are going on a road trip.  This got me thinking about packing for trips.  It seems to me that I always bring too much and I still forget the crucial thing that I meant to bring but forgot in the last minute shuffle of leaving the house.  Binoculars, hiking poles, chargers for various electronic equipment...

I usually bring too many articles of clothing.  I think about every possible situation and soon the pile gets a wee bit large.  My friend Gwen does not have this problem.  She selects a color theme and carefully maps out her vacation wardrobe.  It's amazing to see.

courtesy of

Not only is Gwen a very talented knitter/photographer/artist friend but she has an extensive and truly envy-worthy wardrobe.  I especially admire her dresses.  I also love that she builds in contingency plans - life can be somewhat unpredictable.

This is Bennan's first Road Trip.  We did a trial run a few weeks back when we went to visit some of Yarn Widower's relations in Central Florida.  I'm happy to say that he did great.  He loves riding in the car and new places excite him to no end.  So when Yarn Widower decided he sorely needed a vacation, we made the necessary arrangements to bring Bennan along. Although I do have to say that for someone who only requires neckwear, he's got an awful lot of stuff to pack. 

As for me, I face the age-old dilemma of what to wear by stuffing whatever's clean into a bag and hope for the best.  But I think of Gwen's careful planning - next time, for sure, I am going to pick a color scheme.


  1. awww
    you flatter me.
    i am glad
    that you picked
    a color scheme
    but don't leave me
    in the dark...
    what colors?!?!
    and where
    are you three

  2. road trip!!! i love all the beauty on this site