Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jay Kim, Esq.

My brother Jay is a very interesting person.  He studied art at Brown before attending Parsons School of Design for painting.  But after a year in NYC, he decided he didn't want to become a starving artist after all.  At a loss, he went back to school and got two more degrees from the University of MD - mathematics and computer science.  He worked for a web design company for a bit and through a random set of circumstances, he ended up working for the US Patent Office where he reviews software patent applications.  And this is where, of all places, he decided to blossom.  Apparently, patent law is where it's at.

Last week, he graduated from law school at George Washington University.  I'm duly impressed - not just by the degree but because he obtained it while holding down a full-time job and doing his share in raising his three-year old hellion (I mean, daughter).  I wanted to get him a graduation gift worthy of such an amazing accomplishment.  Maybe a fancy pen or engraved stationery yet somehow that just didn't seem suitable to my very unstuffy brethren.

Did you know you can get personalized M&M's?

 Yup.  For about half the cost of your basic Mont Blanc pen, I got three bags of M&Ms - one side read: Jay Kim, Esq.  while the other side had this picture of him looking serious and grumpy.

Scary Lawyer Face

Congratulations, Jay.  We're all mighty proud.


  1. Is that the Korean lawyer death look?

  2. No. Once you see the Korean lawyer death look, you lose all verbal ability for the next ninety days. It's that bad.

  3. I laughed a lot when I saw those M&M's! I knew about personalized ones, and had contemplated getting some for wedding favors, but you definitely had a more creative idea!!

    In all fairness to my hardworking hubby, the photo was taken at breakfast right after he woke up, so naturally he gave his camera-wielding Sis the "Korean look of death"! It's even scarier looking on an M&M though!