Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Basic Sewing II - Girl's Dress

What is it about little girls that makes everyone get their girly-girl on? All of a sudden, even the most diehard tomboy holdout surrenders to the pink and frothy when faced with a baby girl. Or more specifically, little girl dresses. And really who can resist - all that insane cuteness. Bring on the poufy!

For my second sewing class with Ondrea, we set out to make view C. Quite possibly the cutest of the cute. Nothing sweeter than a Peter Pan collar and puffy sleeves.

I thought long and hard about the fabric selection. I wanted something that would toughen up the dress, give it a little bit of an edge. Skull and crossbones? Too subversive. Palm trees? Too Lily Pulitzer. In the end, I settled on this modish flower print in very girly colors with just enough Merrimekko to make me happy.

Did my two year old niece like it?

I think she did. Almost as much as the little bird I made from the scraps - that's what she's holding in the pictures. I was planning to make a whole bunch for a bird mobile. But someone stole all my birdies.

New Look 6309
Easy Dress for Kids

Fabric: from Joanne's

Bird pattern: free from Spool's blog. See sidebar for a linky to the pattern.


  1. This does not look basic to me! Wow!

    And your niece looks so much like your brother... cute!

    I think that tree fabric would look good as a dress or skirt too.

  2. i love the dress! your niece is pretty cute too, but the outfit is adorable! i dig the fabric birs too

  3. I would love more posting on this blog!

  4. She's adorable and she knows it!

    --AlisonH at spindyeknit.com (Blogger will take you to an old and long-dead link, sorry)

  5. Those ruffles are perfectly girly girly, and your niece is loving it! The dress looks so professional!