Friday, October 10, 2008

I attract knitters

Last week I went to Michigan for the weekend. A bunch of the Yarn Widower's friends were getting together for a little reunion so we rented a house on Lake Michigan. Out of 14 people, I was the only knitter.

But as I was working on a sock while watching the sunset on the beach, a woman walked by and asked to see what I was knitting. It turns out that she owns the knitting store in town. And was staying in the house right next door. Cool.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough time the next day to actually go visit her LYS. What a shame. I would have liked that.

So what else to do in Michigan? We visited a working windmill in the city of Holland.

After the tour we got into the spirit of things and tried on some Dutch footwear.

I couldn't tear the Yarn Widower away from an intense game of giant checkers.

More grist for the mill...


  1. No kites were harmed in the filming of this trip. In other words, Yarn Widower left the kites at home.