Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yarn Elbow?

I think I have lateral epicondylitis. Or more commonly known as Tennis Elbow. Except I haven't picked up my tennis racquet in 6 months. Now, my circulars - that's another thing entirely.

I'm a thrower. That is, I knit English style with my right hand, wrist and elbow leading the way. When the Yarn Widower sees me wincing while knitting, he tries to show me what I look like by swinging his entire arm around his left hand. He says helpful things like, "yeah, well, it looks like you may have to stop knitting for a while." What?!?!?!??!

F-that. I will knit through the pain.

But yesterday while participating in an anatomy workshop with a renowned body-worker Ashtanga guru, the teacher noticed my elbow brace (yeah, I had to buy one, no it's not really helping) and said, "Don't let that get any worse."

And in my head I started whining softly to myself, "But. I can't. NOT. knit." After the panic died down, I meekly asked him what I should do.

1) Ice baths - helps bring down the inflammation
2) Wrist stretches - those forearm tendons are like metal rods, they're so freaking tight (not his exact words...)

I got these images from a drummer's website - the first picture shows how to stretch the wrist flexors. The second shows how to stretch the wrist extensors. Owie but a good kind of pain.

Anway, the anatomy guru made no mention of knitting cessation. Hurray! As soon as I got home, I popped some advil and stretched my aching joints while softly moaning for effect (it's hard to get any sympathy from the Yarn Widower; I've really got to work it. Even still, all my efforts got me was a cocked eyebrow and a skeptical "Are you coming down with something? sigh.)

This morning I'm back at the knitting. It's a bit better but I may have to switch to Continental for a while. As for the ice baths, I think I'll wait until it's warmer out. Or until I can't take it anymore.


  1. yikes
    i hope you get better.
    is there
    a tennis wrist?
    that's what i have...
    knitter's wrist...
    so continental
    is bad too.

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